Sandy Hook School, Newton, Connecticut

STV|DPM, a leading provider of owner’s project management services, has announced the completion of construction of the new Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut.

This project, which came in the wake of a terrible tragedy, was made possible by a $50 million grant from the State of Connecticut. The new 87,000-square-foot school was constructed in 18 months and features a state-of-the-art security system and an eco-friendly design.

In early 2013, STV|DPM was selected by the Newtown Public Building and Site Commission (PBSC) and appointed by the board of selectmen to aid in Newtown’s healing and serve as owner’s representative for the construction of a new school. STV|DPM led the preconstruction process, and working closely with the PBSC, the Newtown Board of Education, the State of Connecticut Office of School Facilities and the First Selectmen, facilitated the design team selection. STV|DPM created an RFP in collaboration with town by-laws and began to review, shortlist, and interview more than 30 interested architectural firms. Working collaboratively, STV|DPM facilitated the design team contracting process for the Town of Newtown who selected the New Haven, CT-based Svigals and Partners Architects.

Sandy Hook School, Newton, Connecticut

Early on in the programming stage of design and in response to directives from Newtown leadership, a plan to communicate progress on the project was developed and implemented by STV|DPM and Svigals. This program included community outreach and educational sessions that included a “Kids Build” program, regular communications to the educators, and community information posted on a website. Keeping the community informed, while also being respectful, was a priority for Newtown’s leadership.

As the programming was confirmed, STV|DPM, working with the PBSC, solicited bids for preconstruction services from interested construction management firms. STV|DPM facilitated the construction manager request for proposal and sifted through 14 proposals from interested constructors from all over the country. Working in conjunction with the PBSC and the Newtown selection committee, the team selected Consigli Construction.

Working closely with both Svigals and Consigli, STV|DPM provided consistent direction of the town’s preferences in design, schedule, and budget. Maintaining compliance with Connecticut’s Office of School Facilities, the firm kept all the requirements of the state and the newly adapted security requirements at the forefront of the design.

“This project was the best team effort I have ever seen, with total commitment from everyone involved,” said Mark DuPre, STV|DPM vice president and project executive.

“Working with the town on these initiatives has been an unforgettable experience on a number of levels,” said Geralyn Hoerauf, STV|DPM senior project manager. “We’re just honored to be playing a part in the healing of Newtown.”

“This project is a model of high achievement in multiple aspects,” said E. Patricia Llodra, First Selectman of the Town of Newtown. “From day one, STV|DPM has been our trusted advocate - keeping us informed and ensuring that the budget and construction stay on track.”

The firm will continue to represent the school and provide comprehensive reporting to the state through closeout at the end of the year.

Sandy Hook School, Newton, Connecticut

“STV|DPM’s quality of service as evidenced in the Sandy Hook School project is what prompted us to continue our relationship as we undertake additional projects, including the high school auditorium, community center, and the municipal space needs plan. We couldn’t be more confident that Newtown’s best interests are and continue to be truly represented,” said Llodra.

The new Sandy Hook elementary school opened its doors to students in late August. The new building is adjacent to the site of the original school (which was demolished in the fall of 2013).  It features 23 classrooms, 11 specialty classrooms and two treehouse spaces to accommodate approximately 500 pre-K through 4th grade students. The construction of the school was completed in 18 months; the overall project cost is close to $1 million dollars under budget.

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