City of Costa Mesa


Costa Mesa, CA


Education & Cultural: Libraries 


Program/Construction Management Services: Construction Management

Donald Dungan Library & Costa Mesa Neighborhood Community Center

The City of Costa Mesa developed a new library and community center for city residents.  STV provided construction management services for the project, which was completed in two successive phases. The first phase involved the demolition of the existing community center and the construction of a new, two-story library in its place. The second phase entailed renovating the existing Donald Dungan Library and repurposing the space for a new Neighborhood Community Center (NCC).

The new library and NCC achieved LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) Gold certification.

As part of its construction management services, STV conducted an alternative investigation that found that construction materials reclaimed from the community center’s demolition could be repurposed as the crushed material base for the new library’s foundation. This unique method minimized waste and reduced the amount of construction debris that needed to be hauled off site.