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STV Incorporated Seaport-E Contract#N00178-06-D-4879

No Task Orders received to date.

No Team Members to date.

STV Incorporated is currently performing as a subconsultant under Seaport-E contract #N00178-05-D-4527/T.O.M801.

Customer Point of Contact: Greg Kennedy (301) 342-9281

STV Incorporated Point of Contact: William Hines (301) 862-2344

STV Quality Assurance Program
STVís Quality Assurance (QA) Program is active from project inception to project completion. The QA programís purpose is to verify that the program objectives meet the quality required in accordance with the applicable document section of each individual delivery order. The QA program is conducted per project by a team or individual, as determined by the program manager. The QA reviewer reports directly to the program manager.

The QA reviewer will ensure that the milestone dates are met and the level of effort is as required. He will check that the applicable documents are utilized. An overall review of the entire project, including subcontractor submissions, will be made to ensure that the scope-of-work requirements are being followed. If any of these reviews reveal a problem, the affected discipline leader and program manager shall be promptly notified of the deficiency.

Every effort is taken by QA to keep the communication channels open. Any problems are identified, communicated to the appropriate parties and resolved.

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