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STV Acquires DPM
STV 100th Anniversary
Architectural Design  Telecommunications Center Adaptive Reuse and Reengineering (Baltimore, MD)

STV provided architectural and engineering services for a new co-location facility in downtown Baltimore, utilizing a historic 1928 structure. It consists of an 11-story, 200,000-sf warehouse wing attached to a three-story, 45,000-sf administration and office wing. The facility was converted into a telecom hotel or co-location facility, a secure commercial facility for the housing of telecommunications and information technology infrastructure. It is leased to Internet service providers (ISPs), who can interconnect their networks and exchange traffic as well as provide other services related to web-hosting and application development. The Internet infrastructure is housed in the warehouse wing. The design featured dual utility services, multiple fiber optic cable entrances and a modular service scheme using standard size generators and chillers to be added in blocks as space is leased to new tenants.

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