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STV 100th Anniversary
Who We Are: History | Board Of Directors | Management Team

Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Photo: Courtesy of Washington Convention and Visitors Association.

The Coney Island Parachute Jump.

The NASA Vehicle Assembly Building. Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

AirTrain JFK Terminal at Jamaica Station
Queens, N.Y.


Founded in 1912 in New York City by Elwyn Seelye and Albert Stevenson, Elwyn E. Seelye and Company is the oldest of STV’s firms. Among the most preeminent engineering firms at the time, Seelye provided structural design services for many prominent New York architects and famous landmarks such as the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C., the Coney Island Parachute Jump, N.Y., and NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center, Fla. Elwyn Seelye wrote the Data Handbook for Civil Engineers, a classic textbook used for decades. The firm grew to include mechanical and electrical engineering services as it added partners, eventually becoming Seelye Stevenson Value & Knecht.

Sanders & Thomas, a Pennsylvania partnership formed by Whitney Sanders and Ralph Thomas, was established in 1945 with a staff of four. A merger in 1968 with Voss Engineering, an equipment manufacturer no longer associated with the firm, formed STV, Inc., the management holding company that evolved into STV Group, our company’s parent firm.

Seelye Stevenson Value & Knecht was STV’s first major acquisition in 1972. Acquisition in 1983 of Lyon Associates enhanced STV’s international capabilities with offices in several key foreign cities. In 1994, formation of STV/Silver & Ziskind added specialized architectural expertise in criminal justice and health care facilities. In the final step of the evolution, Seelye Stevenson Value & Knecht, Sanders & Thomas and Lyon Associates became one operating company, New York-based STV Incorporated, in 1995. The international division was sold back to Lyon Associates founder, Frank Lyon in 1997. The seamless reorganization to STV Incorporated enabled us to use our personnel nationwide and provide a single identity to our clients.

On August 29, 2001, STV Group’s employee and public shareholders overwhelmingly approved a proposed transaction to take the firm private and make STV a 100 percent employee-owned firm. In 2006, STV welcomed Ralph Whitehead Associates to the STV family, a consulting civil and transportation engineering firm based in Charlotte, N.C. A transportation-based company founded in 1961 by Ralph L. Whitehead, P.E., RWA expands STV’s highway, bridge and freight expertise, as well as its geographic reach with eight offices located throughout the Southeast. And in 2009, STV created a subsidiary, STV Canada Consulting Inc., to demonstrate our company’s commitment to Canada and to the many clients that we will serve under the auspices of this organization. In October 2012, STV acquired ARCHITECTURE/vbn, an Oakland-based architectural firm that specializes in transportation and educational facilities. In February 2014 STV acquired GWD, an energy services firm based in Denver, CO serving the Rocky Mountain region. GWD is now part of STV’s Energy Services Division. In March 2015, STV acquired Diversified Project Management (DPM), a leading provider of owner’s project management services throughout the greater Boston/New England region. DPM is now part of STV’s Construction Management Division.


STV consistently ranks among the top engineering and architectural firms in the country. Today, STV ranks 40th overall in Engineering News-Record’s list of the Top 500 Design Firms and 20th in the Top 100 “Pure Designers.” Ranked 11th among ENR’s Top 50 in transportation, we are 8th among the Top 25 in mass transit and rail, 13th in the Top 25 in bridges, and 19th among the Top 25 in highways. Ranked 8th in education, we are also 79th in the Top 150 Global Design Firms and 180th in the Top 200 Environmental Firms. We are 197th among Architectural Record's Top 300 Architectural Firms, and 45th in Consulting-Specifying Engineer's list of the Top 100 Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering Firms.

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